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when i first saw this i couldn’t stop laughing like jesus christ knives what are you doing back there lining your eyes w/liquid liner????? bc i can see that it would take one year for the perfect wing

I Can Haz Moar Trigun Days???



Since people seemed to enjoy Knives Day, I’ve put together a list of other “days” the fandom could celebrate, and possible dates: 

Gung-Ho Guns Day - January 28 (International Have Fun At Work Day) OR November 9 (Chaos Never Dies Day)

Meryl Day - February 25 (Pistol Patent Day; Also her birthday is in February in the manga, and this day seemed pretty fitting)

Livio Day - March 5 (National Multiple Personality Day)

Elendira Day - March 31 (International Transgender Day of Visibility)

Tesla Day - April 10 (National Siblings Day) OR Last Friday in April (Arbor Day)

Rem Day - 2nd Sunday in May (Mother’s Day) OR March 21 (National Flower Day) OR July 27 (Take Your Houseplants For A Walk Day) (As you can see I had some trouble with this one >_< )

Trigun Day - 1st Friday in June (National Donut Day)

Millie Day - June 26 (National Chocolate Pudding Day)

Knives Day - July 21 (Lost July Day)

Legato Day - August 13 (International Lefthander’s Day) (I wanted it to be National Junk Food Day, but that’s also July 21…)

Vash Day - September 21 (International Day of Peace) (Do we need a Vash Day? Isn’t every day in the fandom Vash Day?)

Kuroneko-sama Day - October 29 (National Cat Day)

Wolfwood Day - December 6 (St. Nicholas Day, as suggested by the lovely Celesma!) 

What do you guys think? Did I miss someone you’d like to see have their own day? Have a suggestion for a better date for a particular character? Any input is appreciated! 

Yes pleeeaaassseee! :D  (Some of these days are cracking me up, by the way.)

My only comment is that Tessla’s canon birthday is May 3rd, so I would love to celebrate her birthday.

P.S. A lot of people were saying they wanted a Livio Day, but his day isn’t until March, so I think that some time soon-ish we should celebrate his Un-Birthday just for kicks and giggles.