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Psychology-Related Trivia for Livio

(From someone who hasn’t studied psychology, but who’s read a few articles here and there.)

1) Remember when Livio and Razlo combined to defeat Elindira?  That’s something that really happens sometimes to people with multiple personality disorder.  Two personalities will be in control at the same time, resulting in someone who has traits from both.  (There’s a term for it, but sadly, I don’t remember what it is.)

2) If Livio says his hat and cloak make him stronger, it’s probably true.  Studies have shown that wearing clothes that are associated with certain traits makes people feel like they have those traits.  (For example, wearing a doctor’s coat makes people feel smarter.)  And if Razlo is stronger, but they have the same body, then Livio is actually stronger than he thinks he is.  So wearing confidence boosting clothing could bump him up closer to Razlo-level strength.

3) If Livio is lonely and you feed him and be nice to him, he will exhibit total loyalty to you forever, and this is because he is secretly an adorable, loving puppy dog.  For real, this is true.

There is conflict in the literature as to whether DID (dissociative identity disorder, what MPD is now called) is even actually a thing. After a personal combing of the literature myself, I believe it is not an actual disorder (ie, it’s actually a manifestation of something else, like schizophrenia or major depressive disorder or borderline personality disorder, etc), or, at least, it is not a manifestation of an “alternate, entirely different person that the original altar is not aware of” like the popular media paints it. There is definitely such a thing as a dissociative state and fugue states which seem symptomatic of DID, but I do not believe they happen because of the awakening of an “alternate personality”.

Like many Freudian psychoanalytical ideas (cough, repression of memory due to a traumatic event), DID is a popular trope in fiction and is used to great effect in that realm. Still, while I believe it fictional disorder, or, at least, a poorly understood one whose present treatments do more harm than good, I have yet to meet a person diagnosed (be it self-diagnosed or by a clinician) so I have a biased, purely academic understanding of what it is / what it is not, and my opinion remains just an opinion (:

Regardless ! I love my mpd pscho Livio and I love exploring his pseudo-psychology were he to really have the popularized DID <3


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when i first saw this i couldn’t stop laughing like jesus christ knives what are you doing back there lining your eyes w/liquid liner????? bc i can see that it would take one year for the perfect wing

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I Can Haz Moar Trigun Days???



Since people seemed to enjoy Knives Day, I’ve put together a list of other “days” the fandom could celebrate, and possible dates: 

Gung-Ho Guns Day - January 28 (International Have Fun At Work Day) OR November 9 (Chaos Never Dies Day)

Meryl Day - February 25 (Pistol Patent Day; Also her birthday is in February in the manga, and this day seemed pretty fitting)

Livio Day - March 5 (National Multiple Personality Day)

Elendira Day - March 31 (International Transgender Day of Visibility)

Tesla Day - April 10 (National Siblings Day) OR Last Friday in April (Arbor Day)

Rem Day - 2nd Sunday in May (Mother’s Day) OR March 21 (National Flower Day) OR July 27 (Take Your Houseplants For A Walk Day) (As you can see I had some trouble with this one >_< )

Trigun Day - 1st Friday in June (National Donut Day)

Millie Day - June 26 (National Chocolate Pudding Day)

Knives Day - July 21 (Lost July Day)

Legato Day - August 13 (International Lefthander’s Day) (I wanted it to be National Junk Food Day, but that’s also July 21…)

Vash Day - September 21 (International Day of Peace) (Do we need a Vash Day? Isn’t every day in the fandom Vash Day?)

Kuroneko-sama Day - October 29 (National Cat Day)

Wolfwood Day - December 6 (St. Nicholas Day, as suggested by the lovely Celesma!) 

What do you guys think? Did I miss someone you’d like to see have their own day? Have a suggestion for a better date for a particular character? Any input is appreciated! 

Yes pleeeaaassseee! :D  (Some of these days are cracking me up, by the way.)

My only comment is that Tessla’s canon birthday is May 3rd, so I would love to celebrate her birthday.

P.S. A lot of people were saying they wanted a Livio Day, but his day isn’t until March, so I think that some time soon-ish we should celebrate his Un-Birthday just for kicks and giggles.