((Okay so I was looking up pictures of young vash (lost all of mine in a laptop theft… T_T) and I found out about a person who went by Vash all of his life— Vash Young. Turns out it’s an actual, biblical name. (his full name is Vashni, but still, a shortening would still count). Well, okay. Specifically it’s a name that comes from a mistranslation of hebrew texts, but even so, it’s really a name. 

So, Rem is in fact, not making up a stupid name. It’s actually got a pretty interesting meaning too— the second child, changed, strong, or a tooth. One of those is not like the other, but surprisingly fitting for him… although it seems to imply Vash is indeed the younger brother. Food for thought.))


if anyone asks you what trigun is send them this video as the only explanation.


average plant kills 3 people a year” factoid actualy just statistical error. average plant kills 0 people per year. Knives Georg, who lives in cave & kills over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted


밧슈 진짜 왤케 이쁘지 왤케 사랑스럽지 아. 밧슈 진짜 이쁘다.. 아.. 울프우드 진짜 왤케 잘생겼냐.. 둘이 왜 결혼 안하냐… 둘이 진짜 결혼했으면 좋겠다..!!! 행쇼 울밧!!!!! 악!!!!!!!!! 둘이 결혼해!!(짝 결혼해!!(짝

아무도 내가 뭐라는지 몰라볼테니까 나는 외친다!! 울밧 결혼해!


If the cast of Trigun had tumblr:

Vash: Originally had an account in which he was open about his identity, but got so much anon hate for being an outlaw that his friends had to convince him to stop crying for five minutes so he could delete that account and make a new one.  Spams food pics, especially donuts.  Reblogs lots of cute/funny things, like cat gifs.  Occasionally waxes philosophical about human nature, life, hope, love and peace, etc.  Confuses people by talking a lot about Rem in a way that leads people to believe she’s his girlfriend.

Wolfwood:  Reblogs cool guns.  Complains about Vash.  Argues with people.  A lot.  Hopes desperately that anyone who knows him as a priest will never see his blog.  Deleted the blog and made a new one when Chapel started following.

Meryl: Doesn’t have a tumblr blog, because that’s such a waste of time and there are more constructive things to do with your life and are you listening to me, Vash, because for the last time, no I will not follow you.  I already have to put up with you in real life, I don’t want you on my internet too.  Yes I know those cat gifs are cute, no I do not care that you’re three followers away from your goal, I am trying to work here!

Milly: Reblogs lots and lots of cute things.  She and Vash reblog food pics from each other.  Sometimes posts long Milly-monthly-like posts (and never uses “read more.”)  Shares words of wisdom from her big brothers/big sisters/parents.  Used to get shocked and scandalized by language and NSFW content, but then she found tumblr savior and things are better now.  Has lots of followers and online friends.

Legato: Reblogs arguments and social justice posts to say, “It doesn’t really matter actually, because all of mankind will die in the very near future.  If I were you, I would let it go and simply enjoy what little time you have left.”  This either makes people very angry, or completely creeps them out.

Knives: Lasted a week before the stupidity of humanity caused him to throw his laptop out a window.  Later he came back just to stalk Vash.  He groans at Vash’s philosophy posts, but secretly enjoys some of the cat gifs.